Possess the essential theoretical and practical ‘key’ musical skills, to be able to compose and play your own music in only 10 months!

About the Course

The course begins with the study of music Theory and Harmony.

The students through the study of music theory/harmony and practice on the Keyboard, will learn to play and construct melodies, learn to combine them with chord progressions and build the structure of the harmony of their own music.

Being one of the most important aims of the course, the students in only 10 months, will learn how to create and play melodies with the right hand and chords with the left hand. Something which is important for anyone who wants to compose and play their own music.

The learner will study in depth, the characteristics of the different types of instruments, how they are constructed, what type of sound they can produce and how these sounds are produced. The learner will also study the instruments’ capabilities and develop a deeper understanding on how these instruments are used to create a musical arrangement.

Furthermore, in the course, oral practice will further help the students develop their cognitive musical skills, in order to be able to listen, identify and analyse, essential elements of musical composition of the various musical styles.

The Course Key Skills, was created for those who want to acquire the essential musical theory/harmony knowledge and develop their arrangement and keyboard playing skills, to create their own music.


Every student in the class will enjoy using, their own latest Casio CTX keyboard and headphones and the lessons will be conducted in a brand new, specially acoustically treated classroom, fitted with the latest interactive smartboard system and monitor speakers, for a unique learning experience.


The lessons will be conducted in a classroom of maximum 5 students, so each student can receive more personal guidance and help from the teacher.

The teacher will be monitoring closely the progress of each student and use differentiated teaching techniques, so all students can develop their musical skills at the same pace.

Is this course for me?

This course is ideal for anyone who wants to gain the ‘key skills’, required to compose their own music. We begin right from the start, so no previous musical skills are needed.

The course covers composition techniques which suit all different musical styles and provides a solid musical foundation for anyone who wants to prepare and progress to the Music Production course that we offer.

By studying ‘Key Skills’ you will be building:

  • A strong foundation in music theory and harmony
  • Essential knowledge about the different types of instruments
  • Arrangement technique skills
  • Listening and music analysis skills
  • Keyboard skills
  • Your own music and be able to play it in just 10 months!

Enrollment periods


Course length

10 months
2 Hour Lesson – Once a week

Student requirements

None Needed


  • Lessons on Rhythm
  • Music Semiology (Note Values, Dynamic markings, Sharps/Flats, Repeats etc.)
  • Reading the music stave
  • Sight reading
  • Keyboard skills
  • Identifying, creating and playing chords on the keyboard
  • Identifying, constructing and playing scales on the keyboard
  • Scale Modulation
  • Oral training
  • Musical Analysis (structure, harmony, arrangement etc)
  • Studying the properties of the various musical instruments
  • Musical Arrangement
  • Harmonizing Melodies
  • Creating Melodies based on a chord structure
  • Writing music on Lyrics
  • Final project