Cyprus School of Sound (CSS) is the first specialized music technology private institute in Cyprus.

Being centrally located in Nicosia, we offer courses in music technology and more specifically in music production and audio / sound engineering.

We also offer other services such as professional recording, producing and mixing.

Learn to create, edit, mix and master your own music …more

Learn how to use daw software to create your own music …more

Learn the recording, mixing and mastering techniques to create professional music …more

Learn how to play keyboard and music theory / harmony to compose your own music …more


The music Technology course is a complete and intensive course which includes all the lessons from both Music Production and Audio Engineering courses.

During the course the students will learn:

  • How to use industry standard DAW (digital audio workstation) at advanced levels to write their own music.
  • The different types of microphones and microphone recording techniques to record professionally.
  • How to mix and master to create balance and finalise their tracks.

The music production course, is designed to equip the learners with the necessary tools, in order to write their own music.

During the course the students will learn:

  • How to use industry standard DAW (digital audio workstation) at advanced levels to write their own music.
  • Basic music theory/harmony, orchestration and arrangement to enable expression of ideas and creation of musical structure.
  • The use of various synthesizers and basic sound synthesis techniques to enable them to create their own sounds.

The audio engineering course, is aimed at the students who want to learn how to record, mix and master their tracks professionally.

During the course the students will learn:

  • The different types of microphones and the various recording techniques in order to record professionally.
  • Advanced editing techniques to correct timing/pitch issues and edit successfully an audio recording.
  • To make use of our state of the art recording studios and equipment, to edit, mix and master their tracks.

Key Skills is an innovative new program, developed for the student who wants to build a solid theoretical and practical foundation in music.

In just 10 months the Learner will have:

  • Developed all essential music theory/harmony skills to be able to compose
  • Acquired the essential skills to be able to play keyboard
  • Studied the characteristics of the various instruments and the types of music to create an effective arrangement
  • Been aurally trained to be able to identify and analyse the various elements in musical compositions
  • Ultimately will have learnt how to compose their own music


New class to start in November

The enrollment for the classes of October (Mondays and Wednesdays) is completed. For those who didn’t manage to enroll on time there are good news. There will be an extra Music Production, Audio Engineering, Music Technology and Key Skills class starting in November! Get in touch with us today and reserve your place on 70087071...

New Updated Lessons to cover Logic’s new features

There has never been a  better time to study at Cyprus School of Sound. Logic is growing and so do our lesson topics! New lesson topics are added to include Logic features such as: Live Loops New Step sequencer Sampler and Quick Sampler  

NEW Classes Start Next Week!

New Music Production, Audio Engineering and Key Skills classes start next week! There will be two Music Production classes starting next week,on either Mondays (first class on the 5th of October) or Wednesdays (first class on 7th of October) from 5 till 7 in the evening Audio Engineering will also be on Mondays and Wednesdays...



  • Best school of sound in Cyprus. I have learned infinity things about Audio Engineering and Music production. It has open a lot of doors throughout my career and inspired me to put more innovation in my music! This place has an abundant quality and quantity of equipment.
    For all that, thanks to the amazing teacher Aries!
    Highly recommended!!

  • A huge well done to the person behind this school of music for the proper equipment that was available to us (the students) during the classes. A person with high skills in music, very good at teaching/ explaining and a cool dude to be around. that’s what you ‘ll find to this school!!

    Costantinos Hadjigewrgiou
  • By the end of the course,everyone can do music production or audio engineering or even both. Aries has his own way to teach students with difficulties to become musicians on any way.If you allready know a couple of things in the music world i’m sure you will get something new.Worth a try.Its working.Thanks Arie,it was a pleasure meeting you man. Keep it up!

    Theos Maarouf
  • We had the best experience with the Cyprus School of Sound. State of the art facilities, great attitude and the love of what they do sets it apart. We would strongly recommend it for your various needs in music education. We want to thank Aris for his great effort and knowledge and sharing it with us.

    Umut Fahrioglu
  • It was a delightful 2 months with Mister Aris, a highly recommendable experience of music education and interesting debates. I will cherish our conversations forever.

    Hovannes Demirdjian
  • The place has the proper equipment for the course and a pleasant environment for the student. Also the teacher is willing to answer every question. I am very statisfied from my experience there.

    Giannis Michael
  • Very well equipped and passion for excellence.

    Gregoris Gregoriou
  • CSS is modern with professional environment and fully equipped , with Aris Koliniotis being so helpful and ready to answer all your questions . The best place to be!

  • State of the Art! In my experience this is a great school! Modern, and professional environment fully equipped with everything that has to do with music technology! If your into music production/technology CSS is the place to be!

    Mark Arian Jocson
  • AMAZING institute. I must say I was amazed by how good the institute was. I took music production & music engineering course as a complete beginner to music . Ari’s (owner and teacher at the institute) a very knowledged person regarding music theory , production and Logic X Pro . The kind of the teacher you actually like to hear speak and learn from him and not get bored . I must say during the whole duration of the course he was very helpful and taught everything in a simple way for a beginner like me . The institute is well equipped with sound proof booths , equipment, recording studio and any other equipment you will learn about during the course . By the end of the course YOU WILL be able to produce your own tracks , record organs , work with different types of microphones and mixing tracks and much more . If you are passionate about music and want to learn more and expand your knowledge, Cyprus School of Sound is the place you are looking for . A++

    Ivan Marinov
  • CSS is the best music technology school you could find. Whether you are into music production or sound engineering you will be able to gain all the essential skills to create and produce your own tracks and learn in detail the secrets of recording audio. Aries is a great teacher and highly skilled producer and a great musician too. It was really a great experience for me and I highly recommend to anyone who is passionate about music and wants to take their creativity to the next level.

    Loizos S.
  • My expirience in cyprus school of sound was an amazing experiance . Aries is a great teacher able to answer all your questions and help you throw your journey to music engineering and production Aries made his best so we will finish the cource with as much as possible infos and knowlage he can. Cyprus school of sound is one of the best schools to learn fast all you need about being a music producer or enginner.
    THANKS Arie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Andreas Kassos
  • I am really pleased with my participation and experience in Cyprus School of Sound. The fast-paced program teached me the essence of music production and engineering. Mr. Aries, is a qualified and well educated tutor and also a helpful and pleasant person. The small groups offer more time per student for individual attention. Also, practical experiences were acquired by using the school’s fully equipped studio. Thank you Arie for establishing such a great program in Cyprus! Excellent work!!!

    Stavry Michael
  • Best private school for someone to obtain and expand their knowledge in music production and sound engineering.Aries Koliniotis is an awesome individual and an excellent teacher.He loves what he does and he will surely try to resolve any of your questions .I highly recommend it.

  • Best place to study Music Tech and Sound engineering, recommend it 100%!

    Konstantinos Papanestoros