Music Production

The music production course we offer here at Private Institute Cyprus School of Sound, is designed to equip you the learner with an in depth knowledge of industry standard DAW (digital audio workstation), as well as familiarizing your with key music technology terminology and the different types of hardware that we meet in a recording studio.

Through a practical and theoretical framework, you will learn various music production techniques in order to create your own music compositions and built your portfolio, whatever the musical genre you are interested in.



The lessons will take place in a class of maximum 8 students, where every student will be able to work with the latest software and hardware.

The classroom is equipped with a smartboard to stimulate interactive learning. Every student is allocated a brand new iMac running the latest DAW software and also has to his/her disposal a professional audio interface as well as, headphones and a controller keyboard.


In addition to the plentiful resources and the cutting edge technology, that every student will be able to enjoy, highly experienced teacher, will be there every step of the way, to offer individual guidance and help you nourish and develop your creative musical skills.

Course Outcomes

Even at early stages, you will learn anything you need to know, in order to get you started with computer music composition right away.

By the end of the course, you will have the necessary knowledge to be able to record, program, edit, mix and master your music.

The learning experience will be focused on applying your software skills in music making and this will be further reinforced by arrangement/composition guidance, in order to help you fully utilize your musical ideas and generally fuel your creativity.

Is this course for me?

This course is composition focused and is aimed at musicians, composers and individuals who want to master essential skills in order to compose music within the DAW (digital audio workstation) environment.

The lessons will be delivered in a simplified, streamlined, yet methodical way, without the use of complicated jargon and unnecessary information. The lessons will be easy to follow, even if you are a complete beginner in music technology, yet still challenging for someone who is more experienced.


Course length

10 months
Two hour lesson once per week

Enrollment periods


Student requirements

( Desirable but not necessary)

Basic Music Theory / Harmony
Basic Piano skills

Course Topics

Introduction to music technology
Introduction to Hardware equipment
Introduction to Audio Production Principles
Introduction to Audio Engineering Principles
Introduction to Acoustics
Use of DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)
Midi Programing
Midi Editing
Intro to Audio Recording
Intro to Audio Editing
Introduction to Sound Synthesis
Use of Software Instruments
DAW Automation
Use of Dynamics
Use of Effects
Mixing Techniques
Audio Mastering