Are you a music enthusiast who wants to use music technology to create music? 

Do you want to learn the secrets of Music Production? 

Are you interested in sound engineering and want to experiment with different recording and microphone techniques? 

Do you want to do all that in a fun, state of the art environment?

Then you are at the right place! 


Who We Are & What We Do

Cyprus School of Sound (CSS) is the first specialized music technology private institute in Cyprus.

Being centrally located in Nicosia, we offer courses in music technology and more specifically in music production and audio / sound engineering.

We also offer other services such as professional recording, producing and mixing.

Why Choose Cyprus School of Sound?

Studying music technology here at CSS will not only help you understand how to use and control technology, but will ultimately guide you to unlock your full musical potential and provide you with a deeper understanding of how technology can be used creatively in music.

In addition, both the teacher and the study programmes are approved by Cyprus Ministry of Education.


Inspiring Learning Environment

You will find that here at Cyprus School of Sound (CSS), the lessons are delivered in a methodical, coherent and comprehensive way, by an experienced music/music technology lecturer, who has studied the subject in depth and has worked in the music industry for many years in the UK, both as a music technology trainer / lecturer and sound engineer.
Learning through putting theory into practice, combined with individual support, students will work in a pleasant and inspiring environment in small classes of maximum eight students.

Brand New State of the Art Facilities

The lessons take place in fully equipped and with the latest software and hardware classes, that are small in number and housed in our new state of the art facilities.
Here, students will have the opportunity to work both in a class environment and specially designed booths,for individual work.


Meet The Teacher

Aris Koliniotis – Cyprus School of Sound

Aris Koliniotis